21 Şubat 2008 Perşembe

Study shows cut in hemorrhoidal symptoms - New Technology

The procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH), also known as stapled hemorrhoidopexy, results in a lower incidence of new hemorrhoidal symptoms after treatment compared to the traditional hemorrhoidectomy, according to interim results of a head-to-head study presented at the American Society for Colon and Rectal Surgeons annual meeting.

"The intermediate results presented today show that the already established early advantages of PPH, including less pain and quicker recovery, are coupled with durability. These are compelling reasons for wider utilization of the procedure among surgeons," said Anthony Senagore, M.D., MBA, lead investigator for the study, Cleveland Clinic staff surgeon, Department of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

"Patients should be made aware that the new procedure is not only less painful, but appears to reduce the risk of their hemorrhoidal symptoms returning.

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