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Home Cure For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a great source of pain and discomfort to the sufferer, and you will want rapid relief from the symptoms. Some people like to try a home cure for hemorrhoids, and you may find one, which is just right for you.

The best advice on a home cure for hemorrhoids is, of course, to prevent them developing in the first place. If you are susceptible to them, then there are steps you can take to stop a re-occurrence. Get into the habit of a cleansing regime after every time you move your bowels. Gently does it is the key, by choosing non-colored, non-perfumed toilet paper as opposed to the conventional toilet paper which contains irritating chemicals. Dampen the paper before each wipe. Unfortunately lubricated toilet paper is not yet available on the market but you can obtain face tissues treated with moisturizing cream, which are ideal for the hemorrhoids sufferer. Sufferers are advised to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting, as this tends to bring on too much strain. Another thing said to help, is to lose weight. Overweight people have more pressure on the lower parts of their body.

Eating and drinking habits can also be a contributing factor. An excessive salt intake can worsen hemorrhoids and certain foods can increase itching. Don't have too much beer, cola, coffee or strong spices.

If they do still strike, a good home cure for hemorrhoids is to have a nice, long soak in a sitz bath. You need to sit in three or four inches of warm water, positioned with your knees raised. The warmth of the water helps to reduce the pain and the swollen veins will shrink due to the increased blood flow to the area.

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