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Anal itching and Hemorrhoids

Anal itching and Hemorrhoids by Nikola Govorko

This article was intended to answer many of the most often asked questions on this subject. I wish you discover all of this

information useful.
Anal itching is one of the most usual of hemorrhoids symptom, it appears in both internal and external hemorrhoids. Fortunately

it is also one of the leading symptoms to appear and one of the easiest to cure, but you have to take it seriously or risk

other symptoms that will not be nearly as simple to deal with.

Cause of anal itching
In case of internal hemorrhoids itching is caused by a mucus secreted by rectal lining, this happens because it's been pulled

down by constant development of internal hemorrhoids. Mucus then moistens the anus and the skin around it, causing constant

irritation of the skin. With external hemorrhoids case itching is caused by irritation of an extremely sensitive skin around

the anus.

How to cure anal itching?
"First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits, or they'll eventually conquer you." - Dr.Rob Gilbert
Treatment of anal itching is simple compared to other hemorrhoids symptom. Even so treating just symptom without treating the

cause will bring you just short-lived ease from this persistent disease, and you can bet that you will experience another

hemorrhoids flare up before long, and the next time it might not be as simple as the first, as a matter of fact most likely it

will be worse.

When treating hemorrhoid symptoms, both internal and external, you must concentrate on your diet, and exercise or movement,

lack of it causes intestinal slow down, and that again causes hard, pallet like stool, which is then accountable for

development of hemorrhoids. High fiber diet in addition with a adequate water intake will aid in making your stool softer and

bulkier, and because of that it will become easier to pass. That will result in a less straining, and relieving of pressure
on your anal area, thus diminishing risk of hemorrhoids flare up.

Even so when treating anal itching pay particular regard to personal hygiene.
1) Wash up after bowel movement, use a shower or a bidet, if you're not at home use wet hemorrhoidal wipes with Witch Hazel.
2) Take sitz baths, two to five times per day for 15 minutes. Soaking in warm water will not just bring ease from ache but will

at the same time wash away out all the excrement that could be difficult to clean because of hemorrhoid tags.
3) Use anti-itch hemorrhoids ointments. Use creams with %1 hydrocortisone, and be certain to read instructions carefully, keep

off any hemorrhoidal cream that can have itching as side effect. For hemorrhoidal cream review and recommendation see our

4) Use pill based treatments for hemorrhoids that assist restore balance in your digestive system. These treatments are

excellent because they attack the major cause of hemorrhoids as well as symptoms at the same time.
By using these treatments you can actually cure your hemorrhoids forever.

We have come to the end of my informational article. It's now your job to take this information and do something with it.

Hemorrhoids symptom cause treatment.com is a definite hemorrhoids site, Nikola has years of hemorrhoid fighting experience, and on this site you can learn all you need to know about hemorrhoid symptoms and hemorrhoids in general!

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